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Septic Tank Truck and Portable Toilets

Clean Portable Toilets

Using a portable toilet doesn't have to be an unpleasant experience. D&S Portables in Dundee, Iowa, provides clean, comfortable portable toilets for any worksite or event.

Portable Toilets and WorkerPortable Toilets and Truck

Long-Term Rentals

Save money by renting our toilets by the month or by the year. We offer great prices on long-term rentals.

Private Parties

Make sure your guests enjoy your event without worrying about the state of the toilets. Our immaculate toilets and hand-wash units are perfect for private parties.

ADA Accessibility

We believe that restroom facilities should be accessible to everyone. Choose from standard or ADA-accessible units to ensure your facilities meet the needs of all your guests. We also have efficient walk-through units to reduce wait times.


Get in touch for details. Pricing depends on your location, the types of units required, and the duration of your rental.

Contact us for the cleanest portable toilets in all of Iowa.

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